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Residential and Commercial Buildings

Residential and Commercial Buildings

Industrial and Civil Structures

Industrial and Civil Structures

Roads and Infrastructure Networks

Roads and Infrastructure Networks

Operation and Maintenance Services

Operation and Maintenance Services

Material Extraction and Manufacturing Plants

Material Extraction and Manufacturing Plants

Rehabilitation, Renovation, and Conservation Works

Rehabilitation, Renovation, and Conservation Works


Rehabilitation of Selected Road Links in Lebanon Project – Baalbeck and Hermel Cazas

Construction of a Wetland in Roum Village

Rehabilitation of Labwe Public School

Road Works in Deir Kamar (Chouf)

Cleaning and Rehabilitation of Rainwater Drainage Networks and Sewage Systems in Tripoli

Rehabilitation of Public Schools in Majdal Baana and Amatour with an Extension Building

Construction of Two Septic Tanks with Pumping Systems with Sewage Networks in Bayssour

Cleaning and Rehabilitation of Rainwater Drainage Networks and Sewage Systems in Bekaa

Rehabilitation of Agriculture Roads within Hasbani and Arkoub UoM

Construction of Public School no2+21 in Msaytbeh – Beirut

Construction of Public School no4 in Mazraa – Beirut

Construction of Kitchen and Cafeteria Building for the Military School in Fayadiye

Construction of Nabi Chit Public School

Construction of Agroprocessing Food Factory in Jezzine

Badaro 5609 Building – Finishing Works

Construction of Solid Waste Treatment Facility in Baalbeck

Construction of Solid Waste Treatment Facility in Tripoli Project

Construction of Water Supply Project in Bekaa

Construction of Mountain Lake in Menjez-Akkar Caza

Construction of Additional Sewer and Water Supply in Baalbeck City and Neighboring Areas

Road Works in Rachaya

Rehabilitation and Asphalting Works for Roads and Yards in Al-Arez Skiing School

Residential Buildings for Residents of Al Mreijeh – Tahwitat Al Ghadeer

Hadat Municipal Social Club

Restoration of Baalbeck Serail

Construction of Ammunition Stores in Louizeh

Construction of Technical School in Jouret el Tormos

Construction of a Mountain Lake in Nahle-Baalbeck

Wadi al Sayl Road

Bchamoun Water Supply Project

Joubjannine- Lala Project

Water pipes ‘Nabatieh- Bent jbeil’

Wells & Reservoirs

Water pipes ‘Line 700’

Baalbeck Eastern Entrance

Ghobeiry Sport Building

Construction of Ali Nahri Public School

Baalbeck – Nahle – Younine Road

Agricultural Roads in Akkar Dennyieh

ElQasr – Elhermel Road

City Gate Building-Lot 629 Bashoura

Baalbeck Old City Project Phase II-Lot 1

Construction of Development and Economic Center – El Minieh–Dennieh( Lot 228 )

Construction of Order of Engineers and Architects in Saida

Baalbeck Road – AinBourday – Governmental Hospital

Construction of Pumping Station and Water Treatment in Daychounieh-Beit Merry

Tayounneh Spot T Mall

Operation and Maintenance of Water and Sewerage Works in Baalbeck-Nabi Chit (Phase 1)

Construction of Pumping Stations, transmission and reservoirs GhebTalab in North Lebanon

Rehabilitation of Kafarchima Laboratory Project-ARDP Programme

Litani River Constructed Treatment Wetland

Rehabilitation of Baalbek and Tyre Archaeological Sites

Completion of Riyak Baalbeck Road – Taybeh Baalbak- Southern entrance

Implementing Jdeita Network Rehabilitation in Bekaa

Construction of a New Water Supply System in Mhamara Village, North Lebanon

Harbata Water Supply Project

Jbeil Project